In the latest stage of renovations of the sanctuary at Holy Family parish, the crucifix that previously was located directly over the high altar has been moved and hung above the sanctuary, and in its previous position has been hung a new painting of the Holy Family by Michal Janek, and gilt has been applied to the wood of the reredos. In addition to being moved, the crucifix has been refurbished and the corpus painted. On 14 September, the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, His Grace Archbishop Miller made a pastoral visit to Holy Family and blessed the crucifix.

For comparison, see the photographs from the inaugural Mass, two years ago.

With the earlier replacement of the sanctuary floor, these renovations enrich the liturgical space and, hence, the worship of God. Future plans include altar frontals, and a permanent replacement for the current temporary altar rail.

Sanctuary renovations, September 2010 1/3

Sanctuary renovations, September 2010 2/3

Sanctuary renovations, September 2010 3/3