Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri (International)
Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri (North American District)
The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter trains and provides priests to administer the sacraments of the church according to the traditional Latin rite. The priests serving at Holy Family are Fraternity priests. (Click here for direct link to the Fraternity’s international English language site.)

Vancouver Traditional Mass Society
Founded in 1989, the Vancouver Traditional Mass Society works towards “the organic restoration of the Liturgy in conformity with its nature and the tradition of the Church.” The Society website is a valuable resource for traditional Catholics, including documents from the Holy See confirming the legitimacy of the our attachment to the Latin Rite.

The Holy See
The Vatican website provides a wealth of material about the Church in general and the See of Peter in particular. Among many valuable resources, the site publishes the Encyclicals, Apostolic Letters, Homilies and other pastoral messages of the current Pope and his immediate eight predecessors.

Archdiocese of Vancouver
Holy Family is a parish of the Archdiocese of Vancouver. The archdiocesan news page provides the latest information about events in the archdiocese and at our mother church, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, and messages from His Grace Archbishop J. Michael Miller.

BC Catholic Newspaper
“The BC Catholic is a weekly publication serving the needs of the Catholic Community in British Columbia and is the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Vancouver.”

International Una Voce Federation
“The Federation’s principal aims are to ensure that the traditional Roman rite of the Church is maintained in the Church as one of the forms of liturgical celebration, and to safeguard and promote the use of Latin, Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony and all the sacred, artistic, literary and musical traditions of the Roman Church in all their beauty and integrity.”

Society for Renewal of the Sacred Liturgy. The society is dedicated to improving the due reverence, fine music, and appropriate art and architecture associated with Catholic worship, regardless of rite. They publish a quality hymnal and a monthly bulletin.

Catholic Encyclopedia
“The Catholic Encyclopedia, as its name implies, proposes to give its readers full and authoritative information on the entire cycle of Catholic interests, action and doctrine. What the Church teaches and has taught; what she has done and is still doing for the highest welfare of mankind; her methods, past and present; her struggles, her triumphs, and the achievements of her members, not only for her own immediate benefit, but for the broadening and deepening of all true science, literature and art—all come within the scope of the Catholic Encyclopedia.”

Gregorian Chant Home Page
An excellent collection of resources and links for chant research, theory and performance.

Schola of Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary
Gregorian Schola of the The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter seminary in Nebraska. Includes MP3 audio files of tracks from the schola’s CDs.

Thesaurus Precum Latinarum
“The Thesarus Precum Latinarum is a collection of Latin prayers and Latin hymns with English translations and brief commentaries. The collection contains a wide range of items, such as basic prayers (Gloria Patri, Pater Noster, Ave Maria), creeds, prayers before and after Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, Litanies, Hymns, Little Offices, Marian devotions, the Rosary, the Angelus, prayers to the Angels and Saints, and prayers for various occasions.”

Catholic News Links
This page on the site lists some of our favourite news sources.

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary
Originally compiled by Catholic priest and biblical scholar Rev. George Leo Haydock (1774-1849); written with the Douay-Rheims Bible in view.

Works of St. Thomas Aquinas in English (includes Bible Commentaries)

Bible Resources
Catholic Bibles, commentaries, articles, readings, etc.